Artur Grabias


I’m a dad to 4-year-old Mru. After hours, I love discussions about emotional maturity, schema therapy, parenting, mindfulness, music, bikes, and photography.

What do clients appreciate about me?

I don't just limit myself to creating websites based on client requests. I always analyze all aspects related to the product and the company's capabilities, advising on how to change them to better meet user needs and client goals.

I design because I love it. I don't take on projects that I don't feel connected to. The satisfaction and success of clients and myself are much more important to me than the number of projects completed.

I ensure that my projects are not only visually appealing but, above all, meet their goals and are user-friendly.

I have an innate optimism that's said to be contagious 🙂 I treat clients like friends. I'm straightforward and value trust and good relationships.